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Valve Child
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valve child

thermionic  creations

belgrave, victoria


Guitar Pedals

‘Red Eye’

Preamp / overdrive pedal

2w Valve Guitar amplifier head / combo

The amplifier uses a 6AN7A preamp tube feeding into a 6GV8 Triode / Pentode for output.

There is only one control, Gain on/off.

This can be used as a valve amplifier AND a Valve Preamp / Overdrive pedal!

The guitar plugs into the right hand side of the amp and can be used as a practice amplifier utalising the internal 4" speaker or using the 6.5mm socket on the back you can run an 8 ohm cab.

By plugging another lead in the left hand side of the unit this feeds the signal to your amp and can be used as a preamp / overdrive pedal.

The foot switch on the top engages or bypasses the circuit, the red lamp on top shows when it is engaged.

The 'Red Eye' bezel in the front panel indicates power on.